The development speed has increased in the second phase of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA). The initial stage of NGIA comprised soil compaction testing, ground leveling, land borders, design details, and the building of neighboring barriers. Over the past several months and in 3 years, NGIA is under construction. The property is 4,300 hectares and 26 kilometers from the City of Gwadar in Gurandani. It is the second-largest airport in Pakistan to connect the Port of Gwadar with the globe after its completion.

“This would drive full speed and momentum development operations,” said Zhang Baozhong, President of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC). The airport was constructed not to stop, he continued, despite the emergence of the deadly corona virus, and the 2nd stage began as scheduled.”

In the second phase, amenities such as cargo buildings, modern terminals, air traffic control systems, communication & navigation projects, runway, water & energy supply, parking spaces, residential areas, schools, etc., must be covered after achieving specific benchmark criteria under phase 1. The airport was built and designed to meet international requirements for civil aviation. As a high-priority early harvest project, it is free from debt and loan commitments of all kinds.

In addition, the Federal government has secured the energy supply to continue the speed of building at the airport. At the same time, Asim Bajwa, Chairman of the Chinese Government of the Economic Corridor of the country (CPEC), tweeted the present government’s commitment to completing all projects in due course, following the orders of the Prime Minister. He said that the $230m mega airport would harbor Gwadar City’s and Gwadar Port’s growth after its completion.

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