Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Our site Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”). NEW AGE Developers Pvt. Ltd manages the internet site www.binqasimcity.org (hereinafter referred to as “Binqasim City”), and the related websites ( hereinafter referred to as the “Site.”) Determines the terms and conditions that should be followed during its use as a user and/or a Member. Members who have signed a Membership Agreement between the Users who visit the Site and NEW AGE Developers accept and undertake that they will abide by the following rules while using the Site. NEW AGE Developers, real estate sales by real and legal persons, including real estate agents, contractors, and construction companies, who are sole members of the Site,

Dear User / Member;

By visiting the Site and/or as a Member, you acknowledge, declare and undertake that you have fully read and fully understood the Terms of Use stated below and that you accept and approve the Terms of Use without any objection and that you will not make any objections or defenses regarding these matters. If you do not agree with Terms of Use, please stop using the Site.

NEW AGE Developers have the right to unilaterally change, adjust and update these Terms of Use, the Site, and the Site’s content at any time. These changes, adjustments, and updates become effective from the moment they are published on the Site and are deemed accepted by the User / Member. Site Users and Members are deemed to have accepted the updated/changed/adjusted items at each new entry to www.binqasimcity.org and all domain name addresses linked to them.


Site:  Refers to the internet site named www.binqasimcity.org, all owned by NEW AGE Developers.

Services / Services: Applications put forward by NEW AGE Developers Members, including the membership packages and “Turbo” products purchased by the Members to post advertisements on the Site, to enable the Members to perform the business and transactions defined in this agreement.

Turbo: “Priority listing, Home Page Showcase, Category Showcase, Colored Background Bold Title, Listing Showcase, Real Estate News Detail Showcase, Ad tags; Urgent, Opportunity, Reduced Price, Investment” and the like, to ensure that the advertisements entered on the Site by the Member can be viewed more quickly by the administer, the features and fees are specified in the relevant parts of the Site, or All properties and fees are declared to the Member by the real estate authorities All Real Estate listing services.

Credit:  Providing the members the right to purchase “Turbo,” “Services,” and “Service Packages” provided by NEW AGE Developers, can only be used in NEW AGE Developers  Services, can be purchased by the Member on the Site or by the Sales Representative to the Member. Unit value sold.

User / Users:  Real and legal persons who access the Site to review advertisements.

Member / Members: Real and legal persons who become members of the Site by the terms of this contract and benefit from the content, applications, and services on the Site.

Corporate Member:  Real and legal persons (real estate offices, banks, construction companies, dormitories) who are members of the Site by submitting their commercial and personal information and publish their advertisements.

Individual Member:  Real and legal persons who become members of the Site by submitting their personal information and publishing their ad.

Service Packages: A type of Service in which various Turbo “products and services are combined by NEW AGE Developers and offered to Members in a combined manner.

Site: “www.binqasimcity.org” domain name and the website where NEW AGE Developers provides its services, the scope of which is determined by this agreement.
Member Profile Page: A Member-specific page that can be accessed only with the user login specified by the Member, where the Member can perform the necessary actions to benefit from the various applications and services on the Site, enter their personal information and the information requested from him based on the application.

User / Users:  Real and legal persons accessing the Site.