The 6 Best Places to Visit in Gwadar

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The 6 Best Places to Visit in Gwadar

When it comes to the most beautiful places to visit in Gwadar Pakistan, one might ponder upon the Northern areas of of the country. No doubt the beauty and tranquility associated with the northern side of Pakistan is unmatched. However, Pakistan’s Southern side is equally mesmerizing especially, the area along the coast of Gwadar and the Gwadar port.

When the idea of travelling within Pakistan pops up in the mind, the northern side is not the only place to visit. Baluchistan is full of many spellbinding and fascinating beaches, golden sands and also, the most blissful residential spots especially in Gwadar.

The Gwadar sea port is located in Baluchistan and in this article we will present a guide to the 6 most beautiful places that you can explore within Gwadar.


Astola Island

Astola Island is the biggest Island of Pakistan in the Arabian sea which is quite an isolated yet fascinating destination for camping. The Island is 40km from Pansi Island and can be approached in a sea boat. Scuba diving and fishing are the leisure activities that this place offers to its visitors. The Island offers beautiful and mesmerizing views while the green waters surrounding the area are quite majestic. The famous Kali Devi Temple is also situated on this Island that is 158km from the Gwadar port.

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The specialty of this Hammerhead mud island is its shape that resembles to hammerhead shark fish. This mud island was created naturally by volcanic eruptions just like the other islands in the area. The place offers spectacular views of the Arabian sea.

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Princess of Hope

Princes of Hope is one of the best places to visit in Gwadar. The unique statue situated in one of the largest national parks of Pakistan is said to be of a princess known as Ling. The statue is exceptional due to its resemblance with a female. Many say that the statue is manmade while history claims that the statue was made just like the hammerhead.

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The Gwadar Port

The Gwadar port of Pakistan is a place that welcomes ships from the Middle East and Central Asia. It is one of the busiest ports of Pakistan and the busiest spot for fishing. It is a place where professional fishermen come to fish in the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea. Also, the visitors can experience boating in the area.

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Hingol National Park

The Hingol National Park is one of the most aesthetic natural parks in Pakistan. The lush green bushes and trees are densely packed with hills. The park has a wide range of animals having around 250 species including 180 species of birds alone. This park is a significant location for people having affiliation with wildlife and who wants to do wildlife photography. The covered area of the park is around 400km from Gwadar port.

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Kund Malir Beach

According to the “World’s Best Beaches List 2018”, the KundMalir Beach is one of the most exotic beaches in the world. The magnificent beach is located at the bottom of Hingol Natural Park and it is one of the significant tourist attractions in Gwadar Pakistan. The beach gained popularity due to the beautiful and splendid views of mountains and crystal clear and shiny waters. Thus, the above-mentioned places are some of the must-visit places situated near Gwadar seaport. You can plan your next trip to one or a few of the above-mentioned places. This place to visit is located in the Gwadar are getting popularity and more people desire to visit them. Let’s hope that these spots remain as clean as they are.

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